FANDOM is a tough game to master. Here are some tips and tricks to boost your way to first place.

Pay attentionEdit

Anyone big enough to produce slime can kill you, no matter what size you or they are. Pay attention, because some sneaky slugs can easily boost into you and steal your mass.

Mind Your SizeEdit

Just because you're a behemoth slug doesn't mean you're invincible. Like Slither, anyone of any size can kill you. If you are huge, you're normally a target to medium sized slugs. Small slugs often avoid slugs that can't fit on their screen, since the smaller you are, the less you can see. However, the small slugs can dodge enemy slime much easier and can fit in tight spaces. Big slugs are much more likely to run into stray slime.

Slugs can Pass Through Each OtherEdit

However dangerous it may be, you can go into other slugs and you won't die. This little trick can easily kill slugs bigger then you are. Spawn some slime inside of the bigger slug and collect their mass without having to worry about theiving players. Of course, the bigger slug can do the same thing to you, so its a race for whoever kills the other first.

Bigger Slugs Boost FasterEdit

The bigger the slug, the faster the boost. Big slugs only have one disadvantage, their size.

Turn CapabilityEdit

Small slugs can't make tight turns, whereas behemoth's can turn in a full circle easily. The length of one's tail can determine how tight of a turn they can make. The shorter the tail, the tighter the turn.

Tail's Aren't Part of the HitboxEdit

You can zoom right through one's tail and not get a kill. Its the round body that's vulnerable. The only thing that will happen if you tag along on someone's tail is get killed, since they can produce slime right in your face and you probably won't be able to turn away in time.

Faking Inactivity Edit

Some players are inactive and as a result, there's often some slugs moving slowly along the border or in a corner. But watch out, some players are faking inactivity! This trick is used to lure in slugs, big or small and get away with extra mass. If you don't stray too close then you might have a chance of survival and maybe even kill the trickster.

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