A slug gathering food orbs

In, you play as a slug-like creature. The slug will follow your cursor. Depending on the mode of game-play, your goal will either be to have the most mass or kill the most enemy slugs.


A slug boosting

Glowing little orbs of food are scattered around the board. Collect these to grow in size and increase your mass.

When you have enough mass, use the mouse or the space bar to boost. Your slug will move go considerably faster and a trail of circular slime will follow your slug. Any other slug who touches the slime will die. However, boosting depletes your mass. 10 points of mass will be gone each circle of slime you produce.

Killed slugs turn into glowing orbs of mass, which you can collect to grow even bigger. But collect your kill quickly or some other slug will swoop in and steal the mass! is updated from time to time. Follow their Facebook or Twitter to get the latest news.

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